Fast draining Pro-dekm  is a superior vinyl floor tile for shower floors, spa and pool decking and sauna floors.Tile Girl, for safety flooring around pools and in showers. Fast draining, skid resistant.TMSafety Flooring & Mats
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safe, fast draining vinyl floor tile to protect from slipping and injuries  FREE SAMPLE! Call : 520. 822.5222 or E-mail.

comfortable, safe, wet area flooring tile for indoors and outdoors.
Comfortable to sit on!!!
This safety flooring has a five year warranty!
Pro-dektm is an interlocking, flexible tile made from a proprietary prime vinyl that is fungus, flame and chemical resistant. Each tile has a perforated surface with "Comfort Domes". These domes provide traction while maintaining a comfortable surface to walk or sit on. 

Its flow-through design allows air and water to dissipate quickly and easily, so areas stay safe and clean. It is UV stable!

Pro-dektm tiles fit easily into any size and shape space. It is easy to assemble and install. The snap together quickly and easily to "custom-fit" into virtually any environment. Complete your installation with edging and corner pieces that provide a finished look. Once snapped together, Flexideck can be rolled up for easy maintenance.

Pro-dektm's unique design keeps you safe and secure in the wet shower. Anywhere there is a danger of slipping, these quick draining, shock-absorbing vinyl tiles provide a gripping surface that prevents slipping by providing traction.  Water drains quickly so you don't ever have to stand in a puddle. The non-skid surface prevents accidents on slippery tile surfaces and also kills germs and protects bare feet. Comfortable to walk and sit on.

KENNEL FLOORS - Pro-dektm kills germs and does not promote flea growth. The vinyl tiles cut easily to fit in travel crates and it is very easy to clean, easy to install, protects animals from dirt and fluids. 

Pro-dektm is perfect for the elderly who need anti-skid protection and comfort for tender feet. If a fall does occur, this flooring will cushion the fall and prevent many painful injuries. It is also very popular for physical therapy centers.

BOAT DECKS - Pro-dektmis resistant to sea water & corrosion, great for storage areas, cockpits, bilge areas, engine rooms. Provides traction for decks, docks. 

Pro-dektm will not support the growth of bacteria or fungus, so cleaning is easy and disinfecting is unnecessary. Sanitation is no longer a chore when you install Pro-dektm on your shower floor, because of the germ killing oxygen compound that is built in. It's the perfect answer for school and dormitory shower floors, institutional showers, saunas and health spas, and decks where lots of feet need protection. 

Pro-dektm vinyl floor tiles are a perfect solution over redwood sauna floors to prevent splinters in bare feet and to drain off condensation from the steam. The tiles are unharmed by the heat, lotions, moisture and other fluids and preparations used in the sauna and spa. They are very comfortable to stand on.

When you travel, take a Pro-dektm vinyl floor mat along to use in those questionable campground showers. It's anti-skid surface and germ killing ability will give you double protection. Make it any size you want, to fit any shower. It is light and easy to carry.

You can create a safety mat of any size, with or without a tapered edge. Unlike common rubber mats that foster germs, Pro-dektm mats give you safety in attractive colors and can match or complement existing decor. Using a constrasting color for the mat edging will provide a smart look increase visibility and help to prevent tripping. 

Pro-dektm is also used for anti-fatigue mats for people who need to stand for long periods of time. Standing on a resilient surface can prevent aching backs, legs and feet. Clerk, cashiers, cooks, machine operators and anyone who must remain at one location all day, will appreciate the comfort provided by a Pro-dektm vinyl floor mat.

Flexible, Resilient Matting: won't splinter, crack, warp or discolor. Call or E-mail for FREE sample!

Material: PVC with antibacterial agent and UV filter. 
Size & weight:  12"x 12" x .440" thick, they weigh .76 lb. each.
Price per tile:  $4.25 ea.
Tapered Edges: $1.25 ea
Tapered Corners: $.89 ea

To order, just call or e-mail for a complete quote including shipping.

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Available in these beautiful colors
beautiful classic colors to make your deck safe and colorful
Custom colors available with minimum order.

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