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Floor Design Workshop Instructions or Go Directly To Workshop
• To select a color, click a tile from the palette at the left; then click or paint the grid where you want tiles of that color. You can also select a color from the grid rather than the palette by using the right mouse button.
• To erase tiles from the grid, select the eraser and click (or paint over) the tiles to be erased. Erase the whole grid at once with CLEAR.
• To cover the grid with a background color, select a color and click COVER. With the background in place you can paint over selected tiles to create your design.
• Click REPLACE to change the color of several tiles at once. While REPLACE is active, clicking any tile on the grid replaces all tiles of that color with new tiles of the selected color. Click REPLACE again to turn it off.
• Click FILL to change the color of tiles inside a bounded area. While FILL is active, clicking a tile on the grid replaces all tiles in the same enclosed area with new tiles of the selected color. Click FILL again to turn it off.
  • Click LINE to paint a line of tiles on the grid. While LINE is active, a line of tiles in the selected color follows the mouse as you drag it over the grid. Release the mouse button, when you are satisfied with your line. Click LINE again to turn it off. 
  • Click UNDO to return to the state before your most recent change. Enjoy!
    Floor Tile Design WorkShop 
    Courtesy of LittleWolf IndustriesVinyl flooring is easy to install.

    If you are stumped, see instructions above, otherwise, jump right in and experiment!
    Grid-size: or x

    If you experience any problems with this design workshop, please e-mail us with the brand and version of your browser. We will try to fix it. Thank you.
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